Printer Settings

Select the default printer for the current document and change printing options.

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From the menu bar:

Choose File - Printer Settings.

From toolbars:

Icon Printer Settings

Printer Settings


You might experience a slight delay when you change the default printer for a document that contains embedded LibreOffice OLE objects.


Lists the information that applies to the selected printer.

If the list is empty, you need to install a default printer for your operating system. Refer to the online help for your operating system for instructions on how to install and setup a default printer.


Lists the installed printers on your operating system. To change the default printer, select a printer name from the list.


Describes the current status of the selected printer.


Displays the type of printer that you selected.


Displays the port for the selected printer.


Displays additional information for the printer.


Changes the printer settings of your operating system for the current document.


Ensure that the Landscape or Portrait layout option set in the Printer Properties dialog matches the page format that you set by choosing .


Opens the Printer Options dialog where you can override the global printer options set on the - LibreOffice - Print panel for the current document.


The Options button is only available in LibreOffice Writer and Calc.

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