Contains basic information about the current file.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose File - Properties - General tab.


Displays the file name.


Yannate bortageta fayilete dana leellishi.


Fayile mama kuusantinoro ha'rumanna furchote su'ma leellishi.


Yannate bortaje hala'linye bayitetenni leellishi.


Barranna yanna qoleno borreessaancho umo fayile suuqantu wotiha leellishi.


Barranna yanna qoleno borr eessaancho goofimarchoho fayile suuqantu wote LibreOffice giddo fayilete suudeessi leellishi.


Displays the template that was used to create the file.

Digitally signed

Barranna yanna fayile goofimarchoho malaatisantu wote hattono borreessaanchu su'ma bortaje ayi malaatinsoro leellishi.

Digital Signatures

Opens the Digital Signatures dialog where you can manage digital signatures for the current document.

Last printed

Barranna yanna qoleno horoonsidhaancho su'ma fayile goofimarchoho atamantu woyitita leellishi.


After printing, a document must be saved to preserve its Last printed data. No warning message is given about this, if an unsaved document is closed.

Total editing time

Displays the amount of time that the file has been open for editing since the file was created. The editing time is updated when you save the file.

Revision number

Fayile suuqantuhu me"e higgeetiro leellishi.

Horoonsidhaanchu daata loosaansi

Saves the user's full name with the file. You can edit the name by choosing - LibreOffice - User Data.

Reset Properties

Resets the editing time to zero, the creation date to the current date and time, and the version number to 1. The modification and printing dates are also deleted.

Save preview image with this document

Saves a thumbnail preview in PNG format inside the document. This image may be used by a file manager under certain conditions.


To disable generating thumbnails in general, choose - LibreOffice - Advanced. Click the Open Expert Configuration button, and search for GenerateThumbnail. If this property has the value true, then double-click on it to set its value to false.

Preferred resolution for images

Check this box to select the preferred image resolution in points per inch, which is used as default when an image is inserted into a Writer, Impress or a Draw document and resize it according to the value in the list box.

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