This submenu lists the toolbars that are available in spreadsheets. This overview describes the default toolbar configuration for LibreOffice.

Mereggisa Gaxa

Mereggisu gaxi baalunku LibreOffice loosansiiso giddo heeranno.

Suudisammete Gaxa

Suudisammete gaxi angate suudisamme loosiisate kaimu hajajubba amadino.

Uduunnu Gaxa

Duucha wote horoonsi'nanni hajajubba qineessate Uduunnu gaxa horoonsiri.

Afirimalu Gaxa

Afirimalubba eate konne gaxa horoonsiri.

Misilsate Gaxa

Misilsate gaxi marro marro hinge horoonsi'nanni muccishate uduunne amadino. Ledote hajajo amadino uduunni-gaxa fanate bidotenni aanchite worbicho qiphisi.

Find Bar

The Find toolbar can be used to quickly search the contents of LibreOffice documents.

Uduunnu Gaxa

Misilete gaxi shittete giddo misile surkate woy doorate yannara leellanno.

Misilete Uduunnichi Akatta Gaxa

Shittete giddo doorootto uduunniraMisilete Uduunnichi Akatta Gaxi suudisammete nna dirammete hajajubba amadino.

Borrote Suudisamme Gaxa

The Text Formatting Bar that is displayed when the cursor is in a text object, such as a text box or a drawing object, contains formatting and alignment commands.

Print Preview Bar

The Print Preview bar is displayed when you choose File - Print Preview.

Deerru Gaxa

Deerru Gaxi Xaa shitte taje leellishanno.


Surki uduunnigaxa fanate bidotenni aanino worbicho, xaa shittera giraaficho nna baxxino fikiima ledatto darga kisi.

Classification Toolbar

The Classification bar contains tools to help secure document handling.

The Classification toolbar contains listboxes to help in selecting the security of the document, according to the BAF category policy and BAILS levels. LibreOffice will add custom fields in the document properties (File - Properties, Custom Properties tab) to store the classification policy as document metadata.

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