The Insert menu contains commands for inserting new elements, such as images, text boxes, object, media, cell names and much more into the current sheet.


Opens a file selection dialog to insert an image into the current document.


Chaarte surkanno.


Sparklines are small data charts displayed inside a cell.

Pivot Table - Select Source

helliichaame shaekkira bue doora dandaatto darga hasaawa fananno nna aanteteshaekki kalaqi.


The submenu presents various sources that an image, audio or video can be insert from.

OLE Object

Inserts an embedded or linked object into your document, including formulas, QR codes, and OLE objects.


This submenu contains common shapes like a line, circle, triangle, and square, or a symbol shape like a smiley face, heart, and flower that can be inserted into the document.


Opens the Function Wizard, which helps you to interactively create formulas.

Named Ranges and Expressions

Isipiridete bortajekkira babbaxxitino kifillasu'mattora fajjannohe. Babbaxxitino kifilla su'matenni, shotu garinni isipiridishittete bortajubba giddoyiinni dooyyaa nna baxxitino mashalaqqe hasa dandaatto.

Text Box

[text/shared/02/01140000.xhp#textbox_text not found].


Inserts a comment around the selected text, presentation slide, drawing page or at the current spreadsheet cursor position.

Womamme Xiyyo

Inserts a floating frame into the current document. Floating frames are used in HTML documents to display the contents of another file.

Borrangichu loosi cibboola

Opens the Fontwork dialog from which you can insert styled text not possible through standard font formatting into your document.


Opens a dialog that enables you to edit hyperlinks.

Baxxino Fikiima

Allows a user to insert characters from the range of symbols found in the installed fonts.

Suudeessu malaate

Opens a submenu to insert special formatting marks like non-breaking space, soft hyphen, and optional break.


Inserts the current date in the cell.


Inserts the current time in the cell.


Opens a submenu for selecting the date, sheet name or document title in the cell.


Umaalluwanna Lekkaalluwa suudisatenna tirate fajjannohe.

Form Control

This submenu contains form controls like a textbox, checkbox, option button, and listbox that can be inserted into the document.

Signature Line

Insert a graphic box representing a signature line of the document.

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