Horonsi'raanchu woyyeesso Assishshuwa

Horonsi'raanchu woyyeesso assishshuwa LibreOffice Calc giddo konni woroonni noo doogga garinni loosansa dandaatto:

Assishshuwa LibreOffice Qara horonsi're tiranni

  1. Choose Tools - Macros - Edit Macros.

  2. You will now see the Basic IDE.

  3. In the Object Catalog window, double-click on the module where you want to store your macro.

  4. Enter the function code. In this example, we define a VOL(a; b; c) function that calculates the volume of a rectangular solid with side lengths a, b and c:

    Function VOL(a, b, c)
        VOL = a*b*c
    End Function

Assishsha Bortajete wido hinkiila

"Assishsha LibreOffice Qara horonsi'nne tira " qaafo 2 giddo, Maakiro hasaawi giddo Muccisa qiphisi. Gadete gede, Maakiro ..giddonni bare giddo Ane Maakiro - Mereggisa - Mojule1 mojule doorantanno. Mereggisa mini baado horonsi'raanchu furcho giddo heeranno.

Horonsi'raanchu tiro assishsha Calc bortajera wido hinkiila hasirittoro:

  1. Choose Tools - Macros - Organize Macros - Basic.

  2. Maakiro ..giddonni bare giddo Ane maakiro - Mereggisa - Mojule1 doorte Muccisa qiphisi.

  3. Qara-IDE giddo, horonsi'raanchu woyyeesso assishshi bue doorte kilippete badiro wido hinkiili.

  4. Qara-IDE cufi.

  5. Choose Tools - Macros - Organize Macros - Basic .

  6. Maakiro ..giddonni bare giddo (Calc bortaje su'ma) - Merggisa - Mojule1 doori. Muccisa qiphisi.

  7. Bortajete Qara-IDE giddo kilippete badiro amado qa'misi.

Horonsi'raanchu tiro Assishsha LibreOffice Calc giddo Loosansanni

Once you have defined the function VOL(a; b; c) in the Basic-IDE, you can apply it the same way as the built-in functions of LibreOffice Calc.

  1. Open a Calc document and enter numbers for the function parameters a, b and c in cells A1, B1, and C1.

  2. Wirsa wole bisicco giddo qineessite kunni woroonni nooha eessi:


  3. Assishshu shallaggameenna guma doorantino bisicco giddo la'tto.

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