Navigating Through Sheet Tabs

By default LibreOffice displays one sheet "Sheet1" in each new spreadsheet document. You can add sheets using the (+) button at the bottom of the screen and switch between sheets in a spreadsheet using the sheet tabs.


If the sheet tabs are not visible, choose - LibreOffice Calc - View - Sheet tabs to display them at the bottom of the screen.

Shittete Giggishshuwa

Sheet navigation buttons

The navigation buttons are enabled when the number of sheets in the document is greater that the number of sheets displayed in the sheet navigation bar.

Bortajekki qeecha ikkitino shittuwa leellishate dooyishshu ilka horonsi'ri. Ilka gura fafowa woy qiniiti fafowa qiphisa aante aantetenni umi woy jeeffote shitte giggishsha leellishanno. Mereeri ilkuwa horonsi'raancho baalante shittete giggishshuwa widoonni albillittenna badhillitte goshooshamanno gede assitanno. Shitte umose leellishate shittete giggishshi ana qiphisi.

Icon New Sheet

Left click: Adds a new empty sheet to the right of the current sheet.

Right click: Opens a sub menu with all sheets not marked hidden. Click on a sheet name to jump to it. Hidden sheets are not listed in the sub menu.

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