Suudisammete ispiriidshittuwa

Ispiriidshittuwate giddo Borro Suudisanni

  1. Suudisate hasiratto borro doori.

  2. Suudisanni Gaxa giddonni hasin'oonni borro doori. Hattono Suudishsha - Bisiccuwa. Bisiccuwa Suudisi hasaawi Borraangicho giggishshi qooli aana giddosi babbaxxino borrote sona doora dandaattowa leellanno.

Ispiriidshittete giddo Kiiro suudisanni

  1. Suudisa hasirooto kiiro amaddino bisiccuwa doori.

  2. Kiiro womaashshu suudishshi giddo woy xibbishshu gede suudisate, Suudisanni Gaxa aana bido horonsi'ri. Wole suudishshuwara Suudishsha - Bisiccuwa doori. Balaxi-qinoo suudishshuwa doora woy Kiiro giggishshu qooli aana tira dandaatto.

Bisiccuwanna Qoollate Qaccenna Badhiido Suudisanni

  1. You can assign a format to any group of cells by first selecting the cells (for multiple selection, hold down the key when clicking), and then activating the Format Cells dialog in Format - Cells. In this dialog, you can select attributes such as shadows and backgrounds.

  2. To apply formatting attributes to an entire sheet, choose Format - Page Style. You can define headers and footers, for example, to appear on each printed page.

Qaagishshu Bido

An image that you have loaded with Format - Page Style - Background is only visible in print or in the print preview. To display a background image on screen as well, insert the graphic image by choosing Insert - Image - From File and arrange the image behind the cells by choosing Format - Arrange - To Background. Use the Navigator to select the background image.

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