Selecting Themes for Sheets

LibreOffice Calc ispiriidshittekkira loosansa dandaatto balaxi-tiro qinoo suudisammete badhillichu kuulishshuwa ledo daanno.

Calc ira badhillichu kuulishsha leda didandiinnni, hattono soorra didandiinanni. Kayinnilla, ispiriidshittete loosansitto gedensaanni akatansa soorra dandaatto.

Bisicco badhillichu kuulishshinni suudisate albaanni, shittete aana noo bisiccuwara aja ajiro mitto woyyado bisiccote akata loosansa hasiisannohe. Badhillichu kuulishsha Badhillichu kuulishshi Doorshsha hasaawi giddo dooratenniinna loosansatenni bisiccote suudishsha soorra dandaatto.

To apply a custom cell style to a cell, you can open the Styles window and, in its lower list box, set the Custom Styles view. A list of the existing custom defined cell styles will be displayed. Double click a name from the Styles window to apply this style to the selected cells.

Ispiriidshittete badhillichu kuulishsha loosaansate:

  1. Udiinne gaxi giddo Badhillichu kuulishshuwa Doori bido qiphisi.

    Icon Themes

    Choose Themes

    The Theme Selection dialog appears. This dialog lists the available themes for the whole spreadsheet and the Styles window lists the custom styles for specific cells.

  2. Badhillichu kuulishshi Doorshshahasaawi giddo, ispiriidshittete loosaansa hasiratto badhillichu kuulishsha doori.

  3. Ee qiphisi

    Wole badhillichu kuulishsha Badhillichu kuulishshi Doorshsha hasaawi giddo doorittanni hedheennann, gama woyyado akati akatta xaa ispiriidshittetera loosansantanno. Soorro hakkawontenni ispiriidshittekki aana leellitanno.

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