Heelliicho sha'a kalaqanni

  1. Wirsa hornyuwa amaddanno bisiccuwate hakkigeeshsho, haawiittimma nna caccafote umaalluwa giddo ofollishiishi.

  2. Choose Insert - Pivot Table. The Select Source dialog appears. Choose Current selection and confirm with OK. The table headings are shown as buttons in the Pivot Table dialog. Drag these buttons as required and drop them into the layout areas "Filters", "Column Fields", "Row Fields" and "Data Fields".

  3. Hasirootto ilkuwa goshooshshe shoole base giddonni mitte base wido qoli.

Drag a button to the Filters area to create a button and a listbox on top of the generated pivot table. The listbox can be used to filter the pivot table by the contents of the selected item. You can use drag-and-drop within the generated pivot table to use another page field as a filter.

Ilku Daatu Bare dargi giddo woramiro daata shallaggate kaa'lanno afi'rimala leellishanno kulaancho borro aamamanno.

  1. Ilkuwate aante hasi'nni yannara dargu giddo ajotenni babbaxxino base wido milleessatenni soorra dandiinanni.

  2. Ilka hasaawu qiniiteenni wole ilkuwa darggi wido qolte goshooshatenni huni.

  3. Daatu Bare hasaawa fanate, Haawiittimmate Bare woy Caccafote Bare dargi giddo ilka lameegge qiphisi. LibreOffice mageeshshi geeshsha leellado cinaancho ledo shallaggannoro doorate hasaawa horonsi'ri.

Exit the Pivot Table dialog by pressing OK. A Filter button will now be inserted, or a page button for every data field that you dropped in the Filters area. The pivot table is inserted further down.

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