Su'muwa teessote gede badanni

Bisiccuwa amaddanno caccafuwa woy haawiittimma wido maqishate bisiccuwa borrote ledo horons'ira dandaatto.

Lawishshaaa ispiriidshitte

Lawishshu ispiriidshitte giddo, naanni-fikiima horons'ira dandaatto 'Caccafo mitto' afi'rimalu giddo bisiccu hakkigeeshshora maqishate B3 to B5, woy 'Caccafo lame' bisiccu hakkigeeshshora C2 to C5. Bisiccu hakkigeeshshorano 'Haawiittimma Mitto' horons'ira dandaatto B3 to D3, woy 'Haawiittimma Lame' Bisiccu hakkigeeshshora B4 nni D4 wido. Bisiccu su'mira hasiisanno afi'rimalu gumi, lawishshaho SUM('Caccafo Mitto'), 600 ikkanno.

Kuni assishshi gadetenni baqqisamino. Konne assishsha ba'anno gede assate, - LibreOffice Calc - Shallaggi doorte Caccafunna haawiittimmate somo umikkinni hasi buuxu saaxine huni.

Tugote Bido

If you want a name to be automatically recognized by Calc, the name must start with a letter and be composed of alphanumeric characters. If you enter the name in the formula yourself, enclose the name in single quotation marks ('). If a single quotation mark appears in a name, you must enter a backslash in front of the quotation mark, for example, 'Harry\'s Bar'.

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