Mitte woy roore umose dandiitino bisicco hakka geeshshi daata xaadisanno nna badootto assiishsha horoonsiratennihaaroo hakka geeshsha shallaganno.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Data - Consolidate.


Daata karsiisate horoonsira hasiratto assiishsha dooranno.

Karsiisantino hakka geeshshuwa

Karsiisate hasiratto bisiccote hakka geeshshuwa leellishanno.

Buete daatu hakkageeshsha

Specifies the cell range that you want to consolidate with the cell ranges listed in the Consolidation ranges box. Select a cell range in a sheet, and then click Add. You can also select the name of a predefined cell from the Source data range list.

Shrink / Expand

Click the Shrink icon to reduce the dialog to the size of the input field. It is then easier to mark the required reference in the sheet. The icons then automatically convert to the Expand icon. Click it to restore the dialog to its original size.

Hasaawu ajoteni sheetete qiphisitoro umisini ajano. Hakaweyiteni ajote ilka aguritoro, hasaawu markuusame maqishshu hakkigeeshsho ajote ledo titirante gordaame xiyyoni bortajete kuulisantino.

Icon shrink


Icon Expand


Gumma ra hinkiili

karsiisantino gumma leella noosewa hakka geeshshi giddo umi bisicco leellishanno.


Doorantino miila huni woy miila keeniweelo buuxe.


Buete daati hakka geeshshi saaxine giddo badantinota bisiccote hakka geeshsha Karsantino hakka geeshshuwa saaxinera ledanno.



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