Aantete hedo kalaqi

Defines a scenario for the selected sheet area.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Tools - Scenarios.

Lawisiishshuwa Horonsi'ranni

Aantete hedo su'ma

Defines the name for the scenario. Use a clear and unique name so you can easily identify the scenario. You can also modify a scenario name in the Navigator through the Properties context menu command.


Specifies additional information about the scenario. This information will be displayed in the Navigator when you click the Scenarios icon and select the desired scenario. You can also modify this information in the Navigator through the Properties context menu command.


Tini kifile aantete hedo leellishi giddo qineesso gama tirate kaa'litanno.

Leellinshshanniwi qacce

Highlights the scenario in your table with a border. The color for the border is specified in the field to the right of this option. The border will have a title bar displaying the name of the last scenario. The button on the right of the scenario border offers you an overview of all the scenarios in this area, if several have been defined. You can choose any of the scenarios from this list without restrictions.

Badhera hinkiili

Baqqado aantete hedo giddora soorratto bisiccuwate hornyo hinkiilanno. Konne doorsha doora hoogittoro, bisiccote hornyo soorratto yannara aantete hedo disoorrantanno. Badhera hinkiili qineesso bisiccote agarooshshira, shittete agarooshshira, nna soorrubba hoolate qineesootinni irkiranno.

Giddo shitte hinkiili

Giddo shitte ledote aantete hedo shittera hinkiilanno.

Soorrubba hooli

Baqqado hedote aante soorrubba hoolanno. Badhera hinkiili akati qineesso bisiccote agarooshshinni, shittete agarooshshinni, nna Soorrubba hooli qineessooti aana irkiranno.

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