Use the Styles deck of the Sidebar to assign styles to cells and pages. You can apply, update, and modify existing styles or create new styles.

The Styles dockable window can remain open while editing the document.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Bisiccote akata hiittoonni loosiisa dandiinnro:

  1. Bisicco woy bisiccote hakka geeshsha doori.

  2. Double-click the style in the Styles window.

Cell Styles

Displays the list of the available Cell Styles.

Icon Cell Styles

Bisiccote akatta

Page Styles

Displays the Page Styles available.

Icon Page Styles

Qoolu akatta

Suudishshu gara wonshi

Turns the Fill Format mode on and off. Use the paint can to assign the Style selected in the Styles window.

Icon Fill Format Mode

Suudishshu gara wonshi

Buuratenni haaroo akata loosiia hiittoonni dandiinanni:

  1. Select the desired style from the Styles window.

  2. Suudishshu gara wonshi bido doori.

  3. Bisicco suudisate doori, woy wo'ma hakka geeshsha suudisate ajokki boode hakka geeshsha aleelli goshooshi. Wolootu bisiccuwara nna hakka geeshshuwira tenne qaafo marro qoli.

  4. Kuni gari leellate Suudishshu gara wonshi wirro qolte qiphisi.

Doorshuwiinni haaroo akata

Creates a new style based on the formatting of a selected object. Assign a name for the style in the Create Style dialog.

Icon New Style from Selection

Doorshuwiinni haaroo akata

Akata Yanneessi

Updates the Style selected in the Styles window with the current formatting of the selected object.

Icon Update Style

Akata Yanneessi

Akatu Dirto

Displays the list of the styles from the selected style category.

In the context menu you can choose commands to create a new style, delete a user-defined style, or change the selected style.

Akatu gaamubba

Lists the available style groups.

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