Hornyote biinfille

Bisicoote amadubba dansa garinni babbaxitino kuulla giddo leellishanno.

Biinfille hunate, mayinu eo malaatisooti.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose View - Value Highlighting.

By default:

Text cells are formatted in black, formulas in green, number cells in blue, and protected cells are shown with light grey background, no matter how their display is formatted.

These colors can be customized in - LibreOffice - Application Colors.

Qorophishu Bido

Kuni assiishshi baqqado ikkiro, bortajete giddo tirootto kuulla dileellitanno. Assiishsha jallaagisatto wote horoonsiraanchunni tirantino kuulla wirri yite leellitanno.

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