Exit Statement

Exits a Do...Loop, For...Next, a function, a property, or a subroutine.


Exit Do, Exit For, Exit Function, Exit Property, Exit Sub


Exit Do

Diiddo fulate ...Diiddo assi fooliishsho iddo calla addimmo ikkanno. pirogiraamete loosi Diiddo fooliishsho aantanno fooliishshonni sufaansantanno. ..Diiddo Assi fooliishsho…..,qorqoraasinchu albisufi aliidi deerriwa sa'anno…..

Exit For

Diiddo fulate ...ho Aantetenni diiddo giddo calla addimmo ikkanno. Pirogiraamete loosi Albisufi fooliishsho aantanno umi fooliishshonni sufamanno.nested….fooliishshuwa giddo, qorqoraasinchu albisufi aliidi deerriwa diiddote wido sa'anno.

Exit Function

Hakkawontenni Assishsha aante fuli. Pirogiraamete loosi Assishsha woshsho aantanno fooliishshonni sufamanno.

Exit Property

Exits the Property procedure immediately. Program execution continues with the statement that follows the Property call.

Exit Sub

Cinaanchobiddissa hakkawontenni fuli. Pirogiraamete loosi Cinaancho woshsho aantanno fooliishshonni sufamanno.

Qaagishshu Bido

Fulote fooliishsho ganote jeeffo ditirtanno, qoleno jeeffote fooliishshonni soorrama dihasiissannose.


Sub ExampleExit
Dim sReturn As String
Dim sListArray(10) As String
Dim siStep As Single
    siQaafo = 0 Nni 10 geeshsha ' Dira jifamino daatinni wonshi
        sListArray(siStep) = chr(siStep + 65)
        MsgBox sListArray(siStep)
    Next siStep
    sReturn = LinSearch(sListArray(), "B")
    Print sReturn
End Sub
Function LinSearch( sList(), sItem As String ) As Integer
Dim iCount As Integer
' XuruuruHaso BorroteDira:sDirto() BorroteEora:
' Eote woy 0(Ona) mashalaqqisaancho qolanno
    For iCount=1 To Ubound( sList() )
        If sList( iCount ) = sItem Then
            afamino sUduunnicho ' fuli
        End If
    Next iCount
    If iCount = Ubound( sList() ) Then iCount = 0
    LinSearch = iCount
End Function

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