Select...Case Statement

Handaarate hornyo aana irkire mitto woy mittunni ale fooliishshote taysha tiranno.


Select Case syntax

keezete ikkito keezete handaara Foolishsho Taysha [Keezete handaara2 Foolishshote Taysha][Wole keeze] Foolishshote Taysha Gudi Doori


condition: Any expression that controls if the statement block that follows the respective Case clause is executed.

expression: Any expression that is compatible with the condition type expression. The statement block that follows the Case clause is executed if condition matches expression.


Sub ExampleRandomSelect
Dim iVar As Integer
    iVar = Int((15 * Rnd) -2)
    Select Case iVar
        Case 1 To 5
            "1 nni 5 geeshsha noo kiiro" attami
        Case 6, 7, 8
            "6 nni 8 geeshsha noo kiiro" attami
        Case 8 To 10
            "8nni ale noo kiiro" attami
        Case Else
            "1 nni 10te hakkigeeshsho gobbaanni" attami
    End Select
End Sub

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