Cos Function

Angilete cosine shallaganno. Angile radiyaanetenni badantino. Gumu -1 nna 1 mereero ikkanno.

Using the angle Alpha, the Cos function calculates the ratio of the length of the side that is adjacent to the angle, divided by the length of the hypotenuse in a right-angled triangle.

Cos(Alpha) = Adjacent/Hypotenuse


Cos (Number As Double) As Double

Return value:



Kiiro: Cosine shallaga hasiratto angile radiyaanetenni baddanno kiirote handaara.

Digirra radiyaanetenni woleessate, digirra pi/180nni batisi. Radiyaane digirrate wido woleessate, radiyaane 180/pi nni batisi.



Pi is here the fixed circle constant with the rounded value 3.14159...

Error codes:

5 Horiweelo aante woshsho


' Konni woroonni noo lawishshi eo rayite angile sasi midaadira fajjanno
' secant nna angile (digirubbatenni) hattono hayipotenesete seendille shallagganno:
Sub ExampleCosinus
' hara'mitino Pi = 3.14159
Dim d1 As Double, dAngle As Double
    d1 = EoteSaaxine$ (""Ajasente midaadi seendille eessi: ","Ajasente")
    dAngile = EoteSaaxine$ ("Alfa angile eessi (digirubbatenni): ","Alfa")
    Print "The length of the hypotenuse is"; (d1 / cos (dAngle * Pi / 180))
End Sub

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