Error-Handling Functions

Use the following statements and functions to define the way LibreOffice Basic reacts to run-time errors.

LibreOffice Basic offers several methods to prevent the termination of a program when a run-time error occurs.

CVErr Function

Naanni-fikiima woy kiirote handaara baxxitino cinaancho dana "So'ro" handaara wido woleessanno.

Erl Function

Pirogiraame loosantanno yannara so'ro kalaqantanno xuruuru kiiro qolanno.

Err Function

Pirogiraamete loosansiiso yannara kalaqantino so'ro badde afanno so'rote koode qoltanno.

Err Object [VBA]

Use VBA Err object to raise or handle runtime errors.

IsError Function

Soorramaanchu so'rote hornyo amadannota jifanno.

Error Function

Returns the error message that corresponds to a value or raises a given error context.

On Error GoTo ... Resume Statement

So'ro kalaqantu gedensaanni so'rote amado biddissa dandeessanno, woy pirogiraamete looso hanafanno.

Resume Statement

Resets error information and indicates what to execute next.

ScriptForge.Exception service

The Exception service is a collection of methods to assist in code debugging in Basic and Python scripts and in error handling in Basic scripts.

In Basic scripts, when a run-time error occurs, the methods and properties of the Exception service help identify the error context and allow to handle it.

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