Get Statement

Rileetive fayle giddonni mareekko nabbawanno, woy bayitete aante laminaatu fayle giddonni soorramaanchu wido.

Hattono: PUT Foolishsho la'i


Get Statement diagram

Get [#]fileNum, [recordNum|filePos], variable


fileNum: Any integer expression that determines the file number.

recordNum: For files opened in Random mode, recordNum is the number of the record that you want to read.

For files opened in Binary mode, filePos is the byte position in the file where the reading starts.

If recordNum and filePos are omitted, the current position or the current data record of the file is used.

variable: Name of the variable to be read. With the exception of object variables, you can use any variable type.


Sub ExampleRandomAccess
    Dim iNumber As Integer
    Dim sBorro Baxxaanchu Gede ' Baxxaancho ikka noose
    Dim aFile As String
    aFile = "c:\data.txt"
    iNumber = Freefile
    Open aFile For Random As #iNumber Len=32
    #iKiiro hasi,1 ' Ofolla hanfoho
    #iKiiro wori,, "Tini borrote umi xuruurati" ' Xuruura borrotenni wonshshi
    #iKiiro wori,, "Tini borrote layinkki xuruuraati"
    #iKiiro wori,, "Tini borrote sayikki xuruuraati"
    Seek #iNumber,2
    Get #iNumber,,sText
    Print sText
    Close #iNumber
    iNumber = Freefile
    Open aFile For Random As #iNumber Len=32
    Get #iNumber,2,sText
    #iKiiro wori,, "Tini haaro borrooti"
    Get #iNumber,1,sText
    Get #iNumber,2,sText
    #iKiiro wori,, "Tini 20 mareekko giddo noo borrooti"
    Print Lof(#iNumber)
    Close #iNumber
End Sub

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