Print# Statement

Outputs the specified strings or numeric expressions to the screen or to a sequential file.


Use Put# statement to write data to a binary or a random file. Use Write# statement to write data to a sequential text file with delimiting characters.


Print syntax

Print [#filenum,] expression1[{;|,} [Spc(number As Integer);] [Tab(pos As Integer);] [expression2[...]]


filenum: Any numeric expression that contains the file number that was set by the Open statement for the respective file.

expression: Any numeric or string expression to be printed. Multiple expressions can be separated by a semicolon. If separated by a comma, the expressions are indented to the next tab stop. The tab stops cannot be adjusted.

number: Number of spaces to be inserted by the Spc function.

pos: Spaces are inserted until the specified position.

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Qaagishshu Bido

You can insert the Tab function, enclosed by semicolons, between arguments to indent the output to a specific position, or you can use the Spc function to insert a specified number of spaces.


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