Tini kifile LibreOffice Beeziike ledo loosate fendementaale shiqishshanno.

LibreOffice Beezike koode badantino cinaancho...jeeffo cinaancho nna assishsha...jeeffo assishsha kifilla mereero cinaancho biddissanna assishshu garinni loosansamanno. Mitte mittenti cinaancho woy Assishshi wole cinaanchuwanna assishshuwa woshshanno. Jenerike koode cinaanchohonna assishshaho borreessa hasirittoro, wole pirograame marro horonsi'ra dandaatto. Hattono Aante nna Assishshuwa and Functions la'i.

Qaagishshu Bido

Gama Gadawe soorramanote su'muwara, cinaanchuwate, nna assishshuwate loosansitanno. Haddaricho pirograamete mini mojulla gede hadaricho su'ma horonsi'dhooti.

Cinaancho yaa mayaate?

cinaancho biddissa haranchu formenni Cinaancho ikkitanno, kunino pirograamete giddo assicho amadate kaa'lanno.that is used to handle a certain task within a program. Subs are used to split a task into individual procedures. Splitting a program into procedures and sub-procedures enhances readability and reduces the error-proneness. A sub possibly takes some arguments as parameters but does not return any values back to the calling sub or function, for example:


Assishsha yaa mayaate?

assishsha is essentially a sub, which returns a value. You may use a function at the right side of a variable declaration, or at other places where you normally use values, for example:

MySecondValue = myFunction(MyFirstValue)

Kalqenna baadi soorramaano

Kalqe soorramaano mojulete giddoonni baalante cinaanchuwarann assishshuwara addimmo ikkitanno. Insano cinaancho woy assishsha hanaffara albaanni mojulete hanafora xawisantanno.

Cinaanchoote woy assishshate giddo xawisatto soorramaano tenne cinaancho woy assishsha giddoonni calla addimmo ikkitanno. Tini soorramaano addaaricho su'minni kalqe soorramaano...hattono super..cinaanchuwanni woy assishshuwanni daanno addaaricho su'minni baadi soorramaano….


Pirogiraamekki aantuwatenna assishshuwatenni(Cinaanchuwanna Assishshuwa) baditto gedensaanni, wole pirojekite giddo marro qolte horonsi'rate aantuwanna assishshuwa fayllate gede suuqa dandaatto. LibreOffice Basic MOjullanna Pirigiraamete Minna irkisanno. Cinaanchuwanna Assishshuwa barru tuqa mojullate giddo amadantanno. Mojulla kalqe woy bortajete biso ikkitanno gede tira dandaatto. Baca mojulla pirogiraamete minira fiixooma dandiitanno.

Maakiro hasaawa horonsi'ratenni cinaanchuwa, assishshuwa, mojulla nna pirogiraamete minna mitte faylenni wole fayle wido hinkiila woy milleessa dandaatto.

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