LibreOffice Basic Fichaala

Tini fichaala [officename] Basic nni loosatto yannara la'atto mito mito tekinikaale coye xawisanno.

AppFont Units

Map AppFont units are device and resolution independent. One Map AppFont unit is equal to one eighth of the average character (Systemfont) height and one quarter of the average character width.

Bikkote safaro

LibreOffice Basic giddo, metede eishshi woy akatu safaro nookkiha intijerete woy seeda intijerete handaara woy safaro amaddanno fkiima naannifikiima gede badama dandiitanno. Safaro metedete wido sa'innokkiro, baqqado bortaje danira tirantino gadete safaro horonsi'rantanno. Eishshu bikkote safaro amaddino fikiima naannifikiima gede sa'iro, gadete qinoo dihoronsi'rantanno. Gadete bikko safaro bortajete danira - (Bortajete Dana) - Xaphooma woroonni qinaabbanno.


LibreOffice Basic giddo, kuulla seeda intijere hornyo gede amadantanno. Kuulu xa'mo qolote hornyo barru baala seeda intijere ikkitanno. Akatta tiratto yannara, kuulla RGB assishsha horonsi'ratenni seeda hornyo wido woleessantanno RGB koodensa horonsi'ratenni badantanno.

Tonnishshu naxiwe

Kiiro woleessatto yannara, tonnishshu dana nna kumishshu badaancho tirate LibreOffice Basic amuraatu baadi qinoo horonsi'ranno.

The behavior has an effect on both the implicit conversion ( 1 + "2.3" = 3.3 ) as well as the function IsNumeric.


A twip is a screen-independent unit which is used to define the uniform position and size of screen elements on all display systems. A twip is 1/1440th of an inch or 1/20 of a printer's point. There are 1440 twips to an inch or about 567 twips to a centimeter.

URL Qaagiishsha

URLs (Mimmito Lawanno Jajja Leellishaano) jajju base afate kaa'litanno lawishshaho fayle faylete amuraati giddo netwoorkete qoqqowi giddonni. URL protokoolete badaancho, wosinsaanchu badaanchonna fayle hattono harumu badaancho amadanno:


URLs guta horo interneetete aana weebete qoolla badatto yannaraati. Protokoolubbate lawishshu http, ftp, woy fayle ikkanno. fayle protokoolete badaanchi horonsi'ramannohu baadi fayle amuraati aana fayle horonsi'ratto yannaraati.

URL notation does not allow certain special characters to be used. These are either replaced by other characters or encoded. A slash (/) is used as a path separator. For example, a file referred to as C:\Users\alice\Documents\My File.odt on the local host in "Windows notation" becomes file:///C:/Users/alice/Documents/My%20File.odt in URL notation.

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