Contains commands for activate form design mode, enable/disable control wizards and insert form controls in your document.

To access this command...

From the menu bar:

Choose Form.

Design Mode

Toggles the Design mode on or off. This function is used to switch quickly between Design and User mode. Activate to edit the form controls, deactivate to use the form controls.

Control Wizards

Specifies whether to start the wizard automatically when inserting a new control. This setting applies globally to all documents.

ලේබල් ක්ෂේත්‍ර

Icon Label Field

Creates a field for displaying text. These labels are only for displaying predefined text. Entries cannot be made in these fields.

පෙළ කොටුව

Icon Text Box

Creates a text box. Text boxes are fields in which the user can enter text. In a form, text boxes display data or allow for new data input.

සලකුණු කොටුව

Icon Check Box

සලකුණු කොටුවක් සෑදීමපෝරමයක කාර්ය ක්‍රියාත්මක කිරීමට හෝ අක්‍රිය කිරීමට සලකුණු කොටු ඉඩ ලබා දේ.

විකල්පය බොත්තම

Icon Option Button

Creates an option button. Option buttons enable the user to choose one of several options. Option buttons with the same functionality are given the same name (Name property). Normally, they are given a group box.

ලැයිස්තු කොටු

Icon List Box

Creates a list box. A list box lets users select an entry from a list. If the form is linked to a database and the database connection is active, the List Box Wizard will automatically appear after the list box is inserted in the document. This wizard helps you create the list box.

සංයුක්ත කොටුව

Icon Combo Box

Creates a combo box. A combo box is a single-line list box with a drop-down list from which users choose an option. You can assign the "read-only" property to the combo box so that users cannot enter other entries than those found in the list. If the form is bound to a database and the database connection is active, the Combo Box Wizard will automatically appear after you insert the combo box in the document.

එබුම් බොත්තම

Icon Push Button

එබුම් බොත්තමක් සෑදීම. ක්ලික් කිරීම වැනි නියම කරන ලද විධාන ක්‍රියා කරවීමට මෙම ශ්‍රිතය භාවිතා වේ.

ඔබට පෙළ සහ චිත්‍රක මෙම බොත්තම් සඳහා යෙදිය හැක.

පින්තූර ෙබාත්තම

Icon image button

Creates a button displayed as an image. Aside from the graphic representation, an image button has the same properties as a "normal" button.

ආකෘතිකරණය කල ක්ෂේත්‍ර

Icon Formatted Field

ආකෘතිකරණය කල ක්ෂේත්‍ර සෑදීම. ආකෘතිකරණය කල ක්ෂේත්‍රක් යනු පෙළ ක්ෂේත්‍රක් වන අතර එමඟින් අදායක හා ප්‍රතිදායක ආකෘතිකරණය විය යුතු ආකාරය සහ අගය සීමා යෙදීම තීරණය කල හැක.

A formatted field has විශේෂ පාලක වත්කම් (හැඩතලය - පාලකය තෝරන්න).

More fields

Date, time, numerical, currency and pattern form fields.

සමූහ කොටුව

Icon Group Box

Creates a frame to visually group several controls. Group boxes allow you to group option buttons in a frame.

If you insert a group frame into the document, the Group Element Wizard starts, which allows you to easily create an option group.

Note: When you drag a group box over already existing controls and then want to select a control, you have to first open the context menu of the group box and choose Arrange - Send to Back. Then select the control while pressing .


Group boxes are used only for a visual effect. A functional grouping of option fields can be made through the name definition: under the Name properties of all option fields, enter the same name in order to group them.

පින්තූර පාලකය

Icon Image Control

Creates an image control. It can only be used to add images from a database. In the form document, double-click one of these controls to open the Insert Graphic dialog to insert the image. There is also a context menu (not in design mode) with commands for inserting and deleting the image.

Images from a database can be displayed in a form, and new images can be inserted in the database as long as the image control is not write-protected. The control must refer to a database field of the image type. Therefore, enter the data field into the properties window on the Data tab page.

ෙගානු ෙත්‍රීම

Icon File Selection

Creates a button that enables file selection.

වගු පාලකය

Icon Table Control

Creates a table control to display a database table. If you create a new table control, the Table Element Wizard appears.

Special information about Table Controls.

සංචාලන තීරුව

Icon Navigation bar

Creates a Navigation bar.

The Navigation bar allows you to move through the records of a database or a database form. The controls on this Navigation bar work the same way as the controls on the default Navigation bar in LibreOffice.

නැවුම් කිරීම

Opens a dialog for editing the properties of a selected control.

නැවුම් කිරීම

In this dialog you can specify, among others, the data source and the events for the whole form.


Opens the Form Navigator. The Form Navigator displays all forms and subforms of the current document with their respective controls.

Activation Order

Opens the Tab Order dialog so you can modify the order in which control fields get the focus when the user presses the tab key.

සැලසුම් ප්‍රකාරයෙන් විවෘත කරන්න

Opens forms in Design Mode so that the form can be edited.

Automatic Control Focus

Content Controls

A content control is a placeholder text in which the current content will be replaced when clicking into the control. Content controls are individual controls to add and customize for use in templates, forms, and documents. Content controls can provide instructional text and set controls to disappear when users type in their own text.

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