Agenda Wizard

Starts the wizard to help you create an agenda template. You can use an agenda to specify discussion topics for conferences and meetings.

To access this command...

Choose File - Wizards - Agenda.

LibreOffice comes with a sample template for agendas that you can modify to suit your own needs. The wizard offers numerous layout and design options for creating document templates. The preview gives you an impression of how the finished agenda will appear.

Within the wizard, you can modify your entries at any time. You may also skip an entire page or even all the pages, in which case the current (or default) settings remain in effect.

Agenda Wizard - Page Design

Specifies a page design for the agenda.

Agenda Wizard - General Information

Specifies the date, time, title, and location of the meeting.

Agenda Wizard - Headings to include

Specifies the headings that you want to include in the agenda.

Agenda Wizard - Names

Specifies the names to be printed on the agenda.

Agenda Wizard - Agenda Items

Specifies the topics to be printed on the agenda template.

Agenda Wizard - Name and Location

Choose the title and location for the agenda template.


Returns to the selections made on the previous page. The current settings remain in effect. This button only becomes active after the first page.


The wizard saves the current settings and goes to the next page. Once you reach the last page, this button will become inactive.


According to your selections, the wizard creates a document template and saves it on your hard disk. A new document based on the template appears in the work area, with the filename "UntitledX" (X stands for an automatic number).


Clicking Cancel closes a dialog without saving any changes made.

Note Icon

LibreOffice saves the current settings in the wizard according to the selected document template. These will be used as the default settings the next time you activate the wizard.

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