Instructions for Using LibreOffice Draw

On the help page for LibreOffice general you can find instructions that are applicable to all modules, such as working with windows and menus, customizing LibreOffice, data sources, Gallery, and drag and drop.

If you want help with another module, switch to the help for that module with the combo box in the navigation area.

Editing and Grouping Objects

Arranging, Aligning and Distributing Objects

Cross-Fading Two Objects

Drawing Sectors and Segments

Duplicating Objects

Grouping Objects

Combining Objects and Constructing Shapes

Connecting Lines

Assembling 3D Objects

Rotating Objects

Editing Colors and Textures

ව්‍යවහාරික වර්ණ අර්ථදැක්වීම

වර්ණ ප්‍රතිස්ථාපනය

Creating Gradient Fills

පෙළ එක් කරන්න

පෙළ එක්කරන්න

Fontwork For Graphical Text Art

Working with Layers

Applying a Slide Design to a Master Slide

Changing the Slide Background Fill

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Moving Objects to a Different Layer

ලේයර් සමඟ වැඩ කිරීම

Moving Objects


Shortcut Keys for Drawing Objects

Inserting Pictures

Inserting, Editing, Saving Bitmaps

Copying Graphics From the Gallery

Inserting Objects From the Gallery

Applying Line Styles Using the Toolbar

Defining Line Ends

Defining Line Styles

Using Gluepoints

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