තෝරාගත් චිත්‍රකයේ සප්තකය වෙනස් කරන්න.

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The axes are automatically scaled by LibreOffice so that all values are optimally displayed.

To achieve specific results, you can manually change the axis scaling. For example, you can display only the top areas of the columns by shifting the zero line upwards.


You can enter values for subdividing axes in this area. You can automatically set the properties Minimum, Maximum, Major interval, Minor interval count and Reference value.


Defines the minimum value for the beginning of the axis.


Defines the maximum value for the end of the axis.

Major interval

Defines the interval for the main division of the axes. The main interval cannot be larger than the value area.

Minor interval count

Defines the interval for the subdivision of the axes.

Reference value

Specifies at which position to display the values along the axis.


You must first deselect the Automatic option in order to modify the values.

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Disable this feature if you are working with "fixed" values, as it does not permit automatic scaling.

Logarithmic scale

Specifies that you want the axis to be subdivided logarithmically.

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Use this feature if you are working with values that differ sharply from each other. You can use logarithmic scaling to make the grid lines of the axis equidistant but have values that may increase or decrease.

Reverse direction

Defines where the lower and where the higher values are displayed at the axis. The unchecked state is the mathematical direction. That means for Cartesian coordinate systems that the x-axis shows the lower values on the left and the y-axis shows the lower values at the bottom. For polar coordinate systems the mathematical angle axis direction is counterclockwise and the radial axis is from inner to outer.


For some types of axes, you can select to format an axis as text or date, or to detect the type automatically. For the axis type "Date" you can set the following options.

Minimum and maximum value to be shown on the ends of the scale.

‍තෝරාගත් අකුරු පෙළෙහි විශාලත්වය අඩු කරයි.

ලියනයෙහිදී, සටහන් පෙළ ඔබගේ සෙවුමෙහි ඇතුලත් කිරීමට තෝරා ගත හැක.

ලියනයෙහිදී, සටහන් පෙළ ඔබගේ සෙවුමෙහි ඇතුලත් කිරීමට තෝරා ගත හැක.

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