Referencing Cells by Drag-and-Drop

With the help of the Navigator you can reference cells from one sheet to another sheet in the same document or in a different document. The cells can be inserted as a copy, link, or hyperlink. The range to be inserted must be defined with a name in the original file so that it can be inserted in the target file.

  1. Open the document that contains the source cells.

  2. To set the source range as the range, select the cells and choose Sheet - Named Ranges and Expressions - Define. Save the source document, and do not close it.

  3. Open the sheet in which you want to insert something.

  4. Open the Navigator. In the lower box of the Navigator select the source file.

  5. In the Navigator, the source file object appears under "Range names".

  6. Using the Drag Mode icon in Navigator, choose whether you want the reference to be a hyperlink, link, or copy.

  7. Click the name under "Range names" in the Navigator, and drag into the cell of the current sheet where you want to insert the reference.

This method can also be used to insert a range from another sheet of the same document into the current sheet. Select the active document as source in step 4 above.

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