Input# Statement

අනුක්‍රමික ගොනුවක ඇති දත්ත කියවයි.


Input Statement diagram

Input #fileNum {,|;} var1 [, var2 [, ...]]


fileNum: Number of the file that contains the data that you want to read. The file must be opened with the Open statement using the key word INPUT.

var: A numeric or string variable that you assign the values read from the opened file to.

Input# ප්‍රකාශනය සංඛ්‍යාත්මක හෝ තන්තුමය අගයයන් විවෘත කර ඇති ගොනුවකින් කියවා, එම දත්ත, විචල්‍යයයන් එකක් හෝ කිහිපයකට ඇතුලත් කරයි. සංඛ්‍යාත්මක විචල්‍යයයන් පළමු carriage return (Asc=13), line feed (Asc=10), ඉඩ, හෝ කොමාවක් දක්වා කියවයි. තන්තුමය විචල්‍යයයන් පළමු carriage return (Asc=13), line feed (Asc=10), හෝ කොමාවක් දක්වා කියවයි.

Data and data types in the opened file must appear in the same order as the variables that are passed in the "var" parameter. If you assign non-numeric values to a numeric variable, "var" is assigned a value of "0".

Records that are separated by commas cannot be assigned to a string variable. Quotation marks (") in the file are disregarded as well. If you want to read these characters from the file, use the Line Input# statement to read pure text files (files containing only printable characters) line by line.

If the end of the file is reached while reading a data element, an error occurs and the process is aborted.


Sub ExampleWorkWithAFile
    Dim iCount As Integer, sFileName As String
    Dim sName As String, sValue As Integer
    sFileName = "C:\Users\ThisUser\data.txt"
    iCount = Freefile
    ' Write data ( which we will read later with Input ) to file
    Open sFileName For Output As iCount
    sName = "Hamburg" : sValue = 200
    Write #iCount, sName, sValue
    sName = "New York" : sValue = 300
    Write #iCount; sName, sValue
    sName = "Miami" : sValue = 459
    Write #iCount, sName, sValue
    Close #iCount
    ' Read data file using Input
    iCount = Freefile
    Open sFileName For Input As iCount
    Input #iCount, sName, sValue
    MsgBox sName & " " & sValue
    Input #iCount; sName, sValue
    MsgBox sName & " " & sValue
    Input #iCount, sName, sValue
    MsgBox sName & " " & sValue
    Close #iCount
End Sub

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