Фотоальбом Impress

Inserts a photo album into your presentation document.

The Impress photo album is a quick way to insert several pictures into a presentation and create a document suitable to run continuously in a kiosk or multimedia show.

Доступ к этой команде

Выберите Вставка – Медиа – Фотоальбом

Impress Photo Album Dialog

Для вставки фотоальбома в презентацию

  1. Open an existing or blank presentation.

  2. Go to the slide that precede the photo album.

  3. Выберите Вставка – Медиа – Фотоальбом.

  4. In the Create Photo Album dialog, click Add.

  5. Locate the files you want to insert.

    Значок примечания

    If several images are in the same folder, you can select a group of photos using the Shift or keys while clicking on their filenames.

  6. Click Open to add the files to the Photo Album.

    Значок подсказки

    Click on a file name to display it in the Preview area

  7. Select the number of images per slide in the Slide layout list box.

  8. Mark Add caption to each slide checkbox if necessary, to insert a text box for the caption.

  9. Mark Keep aspect ratio checkbox to avoid distorting the images when laying them in the slide. The image will be fully contained in the slide.

  10. Mark Fill screen to make the image fill the whole presentation screen. The resulting image may be larger than the slide.

  11. Mark Link images to create a link to the image location in your file system or internet. This option will not embed the images in the presentation document.

  12. Click Insert Slides.


Clicking Undo will not delete a photo album. Right-click the slides on the slide panel and select Delete Slide to delete the slides.

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