Настройка временных параметров для текущего эффекта в диалоговом окне Параметры эффектов.


Displays the start property of the selected animation effect. The following start properties are available:


Specifies an additional delay of n seconds until the effect starts.


Specifies the duration of the effect.


Specifies whether and how to repeat the current effect. Enter the number of repeats, or select from the list:

Перемотать по завершении воспроизведения

Specifies whether to let the animated shape return to its starting state after the animation ends.

Анимировать в ходе последовательности щелчков

Specifies whether to let the animation start in the normal click sequence.

Начать выполнение эффекта при щелчке

Specifies whether to let the animation start when a specified shape is clicked.

Select the shape by its name from the list box.

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