Параметры IDE Basic

Defines the settings for the Basic IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to help edit macros in Basic.


This feature is experimental and may produce errors or behave unexpectedly. To enable it anyway, choose - LibreOffice - Advanced and select Enable experimental features checkbox.

Доступ к этой команде

Выберите - LibreOffice - Basic IDE.

Завершение кода

This feature helps the Basic programmer to complete the code, saves extensive typing and helps to reduce coding errors.

Включить завершение кода

Display methods of a Basic object. Code completion will display the methods of a Basic object, provided the object is a UNO extended type. Its does not work on a generic Object or Variant Basic types.

When a variable is a UNO interface or structure, a list box appears when pressing the dot after a variable's name (like aVar. [list box appears] ). Its methods and variables are listed in the list box, displayed just below. You can navigate between the suggested methods and variables with the arrow keys. To insert the selected entry, press the Enter key or double click on it with the mouse. To cancel the list box, press the Esc key.

When typing the method's name, and pressing the Tab key once, it will complete the selected entry, pressing the Tab key again will cycle through the matches with the longest prefix. For example, when aVar.aMeth is typed, it will cycle through aMeth1, aMethod2, aMethod3 entries, and other entries are not hidden.


    Dim aPicker As com.sun.star.ui.dialogs.XFilePicker

is a valid variable definition, its methods can be accessed via the dot (".") operator:


Предложение кода

These are coding helpers for the Basic programmer.


Correct cases of Basic variables and keywords while typing. LibreOffice Basic IDE will modify the typing of Basic statements and Basic variables of your code to improve coding style and readability. Modifications of the code are based on the program's variables declarations and on the LibreOffice Basic commands parsed.


    Dim intVar as Integer

and when writing Intvar, will be corrected to intVar to match the case existing in the declaration of intVar .

Basic keywords are also automatically corrected (the list of the keywords is grabbed out from the parser).


Integer, String, ReDim, ElseIf, etc...

Автозавершение кавычек

Automatically close open quotes. LibreOffice Basic IDE will add a closing quote each time you type an opening quote. Handy for inserting strings in the Basic code.

Автозавершение скобок

Automatically close open parenthesis. LibreOffice Basic IDE will add a closing parenthesis “)” each time you type an opening parenthesis “(“.

Автозавершение процедур

Automatically insert closing statements for procedures. LibreOffice Basic IDE will add a statement End Sub or End Function after you type a Sub or Function statement and press Enter.

Особенности языка

Расширенные типы

Allow UNO object types as valid Basic types. This feature extend the Basic programming language standard types with the LibreOffice UNO types. This allows the programmer to define variables with the right UNO type and is necessary for the code completion feature.


    Sub Some_Calc_UNO_Types
    REM A spreadsheet object
        Dim oSheet As com.sun.star.sheet.XSpreadsheet
        oSheet = ThisComponent.getSheets().getByIndex(0)
    REM A cell object
        Dim oCell As com.sun.star.table.XCell
        oCell = oSheet.getCellByPosition(0,0)
    End Sub
Значок предупреждения

The use of UNO Extended Types in Basic programs can restrain interoperability of the program when executed in other office suites.

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