Электронной почтой как PDF

Saves the current file to Portable Document Format (PDF) version 1.4. A PDF file can be viewed and printed on any platform with the original formatting intact, provided that supporting software is installed.

Доступ к этой команде

From the menu bar:

Выберите Файл - Экспорт в - Экспорт в PDF.

From toolbars:

Icon Export as PDF

Export as PDF


Sets the general options for exporting your document to a PDF file. Range, images, watermark, forms and other parameters.

Начальный вид

Sets the options for the initial view of the PDF file in the external PDF viewer.

User Interface

Specifies the options for the external PDF viewer user interface.


Specify how to export bookmarks, document references and hyperlinks in your document.


Specifies the security options of the exported PDF file.

Цифровые подписи

This tab contains the options related to exporting to a digitally signed PDF.

Кнопка Экспорт

Экспортирует текущий документ в формате PDF.

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