Sets the shading and shadow options for the selected 3D object.

Доступ к этой команде

Open the context menu of the 3D object, choose 3D Effects - Shading tab.


Укажите тип затенения для применения к выбранному трёхмерному объекту.


Select the shading method that you want to use. Flat shading assigns a single color to a single polygon on the surface of the object. Gouraud shading blends colors across the polygons. Phong shading averages the color of each pixel based on the pixels that surround it, and requires the most processing power.


Adds or removes a shadow from the selected 3D object.


Включить/отключить трёхмерное затенение

Угол наклона

Enter an angle from 0 to 90 degrees for casting the shadow.


Задаёт параметры камеры для выбранного трёхмерного объекта.


Enter the distance to leave between the camera and the center of the selected object.

Фокусное расстояние

Enter the focal length of the camera, where a small value corresponds to a "fisheye" lens, and a large value to a telephoto lens.

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