Adds colors to the selected master page.



Specifies a name for this master page theme.

Набор цветов


Задаёт имя для этого набора цветов.

Фон - Тёмный 1

Specifies the first dark color to be used as dark background, typically black.

Текст - Светлый 1

Specifies the first light color to be used as light text, typically white.

Фон - Тёмный 2

Specifies the second dark color to be used as dark background. This is typically dark, but not exactly black.

Текст - Светлый 2

Specifies the second light color to be used as light text. This is typically light, but not exactly white.

Акцент 1

First custom color. This is typically dark enough that light text is readable when the custom color is used as a background color.

Акцент 2

Second custom color.

Акцент 3

Third custom color.

Акцент 4

Fourth custom color.

Акцент 5

Fifth custom color.

Акцент 6

Sixth custom color.


Color used for non-followed hyperlinks.

Followed Hyperlink

Color used for followed hyperlinks.

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