Chart Data Table

Inserts a Chart Data Table and configure its appearance.

Chart data tables allow to visualize the data represented by the chart. A table containing the data is placed at the bottom of the chart.

Доступ к этой команде

Double-click the chart object to enter edit mode and choose Insert - Data Table

Если у диаграммы уже есть Таблица данных, дважды щёлкните диаграмму, чтобы войти в режим редактирования, и выполните одно из следующих действий:

  • Right-click the data table and choose Format - Selection.

  • Double-click the Data Table.

To remove the data table:

  1. Double-click the chart to enter edit mode.

  2. Choose Insert - Data Table.

  3. Uncheck the option Show data table.

Show data table

Check this option to show the data table in the chart. Uncheck this option if you want to remove the data table from the chart.

Data table properties

Format properties of the data table:

Show horizontal border

Show or hide internal row borders.

Show vertical border

Show or hide internal column borders.

Показать структуру

Show or hide borders around the table.

Показать ключи

Show or hide the key associated with each data series, which is the same key used in the chart legend.

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