Subtracts a set of numbers and gives the result without eliminating small roundoff errors.


RAWSUBTRACT(Minuend; Subtrahend 1[; Subtrahend 2][; … ;[ Subtrahend 254]])

Minuend is a number or a reference to a cell containing a number.

Subtrahend 1[; Subtrahend 2][; ... ;[ Subtrahend 254]] are numbers or references to cells containing numbers.

The function should be called with at least two parameters.

RAWSUBTRACT() processes arguments from left to right. For example, RAWSUBTRACT(1;2;3;4) calculates 1-2-3-4 or ((1-2)-3)-4 in "natural" order.


=RAWSUBTRACT(0.987654321098765, 0.9876543210987) returns 6.53921361504217E-14

=RAWSUBTRACT(0.987654321098765) returns Err:511 (Missing variable) because RAWSUBTRACT requires a minimum of two numbers.

Техническая информация


Эта функция доступна начиная с LibreOffice 5.2.

This function is not part of the Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) Version 1.3. Part 4: Recalculated Formula (OpenFormula) Format standard. The name space is


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