Преобразования ASCII/ANSI в строках

Следующие функции используются для преобразования строк из кода ASCII в код ANSI и наоборот.

Asc Function (BASIC)

Возвращает значение кода ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) первого знака в строковом выражении.

Chr Function

Возвращает знак, соответствующий указанному коду таблицы символов.

Str Function

The Str function converts the contents of variables into a string. It handles numeric values, dates, strings and currency values.

Positive numbers are preceded by a blank space. Negative numbers are preceded by a minus sign.


For numeric values the string returned by the Str function is locale-independent. Hence the dot is used as the decimal separator when needed.

If a string is passed as argument, it is returned without any changes.

Dates are converted into locale-dependent strings.

Val Function

Use the Val function to convert a string that represents a number into numeric data type.


The string passed to the Val function is locale-independent. This means that commas are interpreted as thousands separators and a dot is used as the decimal separator.

CByte Function

Converts a string or a numeric expression to the Byte type.

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