On...GoSub Statement; On...GoTo Statement

Выбирает один из вариантов выполнения программы в зависимости от значения числового выражения.


On GoSub/GoTo syntax

On expression GoSub Label1[, Label2[, Label3[,...]]]
On expression GoTo Label1[, Label2[, Label3[,...]]]


expression: Any numeric expression between 0 and 255 that determines which of the lines the program branches to. If expression is 0, the statement is not executed. If expression is greater than 0, the program jumps to the label that has a position number that corresponds to the expression (1 = First label; 2 = Second label)

label: Target line according to GoTo or GoSub structure.

Значок примечания

Соглашения GoTo или GoSub являются действующими.


Sub ExampleOnGosub
Dim iVar As Integer
Dim sVar As String
    iVar = 2
    sVar =""
    On iVar GoSub Sub1, Sub2
    On iVar GoTo Line1, Line2
    Exit Sub
    sVar =sVar & " Из процедуры 1 в" : Return
    sVar =sVar & " Из процедуры 2 в" : Return
    sVar =sVar & " Метка 1" : GoTo Ende
    sVar =sVar & " Метка 2"
    MsgBox sVar,0,"On...GoSub"
End Sub

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