Green Function

Returns the Green component of the given composite color code.


Green (Color As Long)

Возвращаемое значение:



Color: Long integer expression that specifies a composite color code for which to return the Green component.

Error codes:

5 Неправильный вызов процедуры


The color picker dialog details the red, green and blue components of a composite color code, as well as its hexadecimal expression. Changing the color of text and selecting Custom color displays the color picker dialog.


Sub ExampleColor
Dim lVar As Long
    lVar = rgb(128,0,200)
    msgbox "Этот цвет " & lVar & " содержит компоненты:" & Chr(13) &_
        "красного= " & red(lVar) & Chr(13)&_
        "зелёного= " & green(lVar) & Chr(13)&_
        "синего= " & Blue(lVar) & Chr(13) , 64,"цветов"
End Sub

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