Define conditions for conditional styles here.

To access this command...

Right-click a paragraph with style Body Text. Choose Paragraph - Edit Style - Condition tab.

Choose View - Styles (). Right-click any paragraph style. Choose New - Condition tab.

Conditional styles are paragraph styles that have different properties depending on the context. Once defined, you cannot change the conditional properties of a conditional style.

LibreOffice applies the paragraph properties of conditional styles as follows (the bold terms correspond to the titles of dialog fields): If a paragraph formatted with a conditional style is in a Context that has an Applied Style linked to it, then the Paragraph Style from that condition is used. If no style is linked to the Context, then the attributes defined in the conditional style apply. The following example illustrates this relationship:

  1. Open a blank text document and write a short business letter with a header (Format - Page Style - Header).

  2. Define a new Paragraph Style by choosing New in the Styles window, and selecting all the paragraph properties that you want for your business letter in the Paragraph Style dialog. Name this style "Business letter".

  3. Then click the Condition tab and select the Conditional style field to define the new Paragraph Style as a conditional style.

  4. In Context, select the header entry and under Paragraph Styles select the style for the header in your business letter; for example, the default Paragraph Style "Header". You also can select your own style.

  5. You can apply the Paragraph Style to the context by double-clicking the selected entry in the Paragraph Styles list box or by using Apply.

  6. Click OK to close the Paragraph Style dialog, and then format all paragraphs in your business letter, including the header, with the new "Business letter" conditional Paragraph Style. (When you click in the header, you may need to display All Styles or Custom Styles in the style list to use the new business letter style.)

The header text now has the attributes you specified in the Header Paragraph Style, while the other parts of the document have the attributes defined in the business letter conditional Paragraph Style.


The Body Text style was created as a conditional style. Therefore, any styles you derive from it can be used as conditional styles.

The Paragraph Style applied to the context is used when exporting to other formats (RTF, HTML, and so on).

Conditional style

Check this box to define a new style as a conditional style.


Here you can see the LibreOffice predefined contexts, including outline levels 1 to 10, list levels 1 to 10, table header, table contents, section, border, footnote, header and footer.

Applied Styles

Here you can see the list of all Paragraph Styles applied to a context.

Paragraph Styles

A list of all Paragraph Styles which can be assigned to a context is contained in the list box.

Style Groups

These are the style groups that you can display in the Styles window.




Displays styles appropriate to the current context.

All Styles

Displays all styles of the active style category.

Applied Styles

Displays the styles (of selected category) applied in the current document.

Custom Styles

Displays all user-defined styles in the selected style category.

Character Styles

Displays formatting styles for text.

Document Structure

Displays formatting styles for structuring documents.

List Styles

Displays formatting styles for ordered or unordered lists.

Index Styles

Displays formatting styles for indexes.

Special Styles

Displays formatting styles for headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, tables, and captions.

HTML Styles

Displays a list of styles for HTML documents.

Conditional Styles

Displays the user-defined conditional styles.


Displays the styles in the selected category in a hierarchical list. To view the styles in a sublevel, click on the plus sign (+) next to the sublevel name.


Click here to remove the current context assigned to the selected style.


Click Apply to apply the selected Paragraph Style to the defined context.


Resets changes made to the current tab to those applicable when this dialog was opened.

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