Adds a numbered caption to a selected image, table, chart, frame, or shape. You can also access this command by right-clicking the item that you want to add the caption to.

To access this command...

Choose Insert - Caption

Open context menu - choose Caption


Set the caption options for the current selection.


Select the caption category, or type a name to create a new category. The category text appears before the caption number in the caption label. Each predefined caption category is formatted with a paragraph style of the same name. For example, the "Illustration" caption category is formatted with the "Illustration" paragraph style.


Select the type of numbering that you want to use in the caption.


Type the text that you want to appear after the caption number.


Enter optional text characters to appear between the number and the caption text.


Adds the caption above or below the selected item. This option is only available for some objects.


Adds the chapter number to the caption label. To use this feature, you must first assign an outline level to a paragraph style, and then apply the style to the chapter headings in your document.


Opens the Caption dialog. It has the same information as the dialog you get by menu LibreOffice Writer - AutoCaption in the Options dialog box.

Using Captions

Adding Chapter Numbers to Captions

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