Mail Merge

The Mail Merge dialog helps you in printing and saving form letters.

To access this command...

Insert at least one address database field into a text document, then start printing the document. Answer "Yes" to the question whether you want to print a form letter.

During printing, the database information replaces the corresponding database fields (placeholders). For more information about inserting database fields refer to the Database tab page under Insert - Field - More Fields.


Determines the number of records for printing the form letter. One letter will be printed for each record.


Processes all the records from the database.

Selected records

Processes only the marked records from the database. This option is only available when you have previously marked the necessary records in the database.


Specify the number of the first record to be printed.


Specify the number of the last record to be printed.


Determines whether to send your form letters to a printer or save them to a file.


Prints the form letters.


Saves the form letters in files.

Save as single document

Create one big document containing all data records.

Save as individual documents

Create one document for every one data record.

Generate file name from database

Generate each file name from data contained in a database.


Uses the content of the selected database field as the file name for the form letter.


Specifies the path to store the form letters.


Opens the Select Path dialog.

File format

Select the file format to store the resulting document.

Mail Merge Wizard

Starts the Mail Merge Wizard to create form letters or send email messages to many recipients.

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