Custom Slide Shows

Defines a custom slide show using slides within the current presentation. You can then pick slides to meet the needs of your audience. You can create as many custom slide shows as you want.

To access this command...

Choose Slide Show - Custom Slide Show

Creating a Custom Slide Show

Custom Slide Shows Dialog

Name of the presentation(s)

Lists the custom slide shows that are available.

To create a custom slide show, click New.

Use Custom Slide Show

Runs the custom slide show you selected when you click Start. Otherwise, the entire presentation is shown.

To run a custom slide show:

  1. Click the show in the list and then select Use Custom Slide Show.

  2. Click Start.


Creates a custom slide show.


Add, remove or reorder slides as well as change the name of the selected custom slide show.


Deletes the selected element or elements without requiring confirmation.


Creates a copy of the selected custom slide show. You can modify the name of the show by clicking Edit.


Runs the slide show. Ensure that Use Custom Slide Show is selected if you want to run a custom presentation.


Closes the dialog and saves all changes.

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