ActiveX Control to Display Documents in Internet Explorer

Under Windows only, you can view any LibreOffice document in a window of the Microsoft Internet Explorer. Install the ActiveX control in the LibreOffice Setup program.

Installing the ActiveX control

  1. Close LibreOffice and the Quickstarter.

  2. Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar. Choose Settings.

  3. In Settings, click Apps.

  4. In the Apps & features list, click LibreOffice, then click Change.

  5. In the Installation Wizard, select Modify.

  6. Open the Optional Components entry and find the ActiveX Control entry. Open the sub menu of the icon and select to install the feature.

  7. Click Next and Install.

Viewing LibreOffice documents

  1. In Internet Explorer, browse to a web page that contains a link to a LibreOffice Writer document, for example.

  2. Click the link to view the document in the Internet Explorer window.

    You may still right-click the link to save the file on your harddisk.

Editing LibreOffice documents

The LibreOffice document inside the Internet Explorer shows a set of read-only toolbar icons.

  1. Click the Edit file icon in the document's toolbar to open a copy of the document in a new LibreOffice window.

  2. Edit the copy of the document.

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