Specify the label text and choose the paper size for the label.

To access this command...

Choose File - New - Labels - Labels tab.


Enter or insert the text that you want to appear on the label(s).

Label text

Enter the text that you want to appear on the label. You can also insert a database field.


Creates a label with your return address. Text that is currently in the Label text box is overwritten.

Note Icon

To change your return address, choose - LibreOffice, and then click on the User Data tab.


Select the database that you want to use as the data source for your label.


Select the database table containing the field(s) that you want to use in your label.

Database field

Select the database field that you want, and then click the arrow to the left of this box to insert the field into the Label text box.

The name of the database field is bounded by brackets in the Label text box. If you want, you can separate database fields with spaces. Press Enter to insert a database field on a new line.


You can select a predefined size format for your label or a size format that you specify on the Format tab.


Prints labels on continuous paper.


Prints labels on individual sheets.


Select the brand of paper that you want to use. Each brand has its own size formats.


Select the size format that you want to use. The available formats depend on the brand on what you selected in the Brand list. If you want to use a custom label format, select [User], and then click the Format tab to define the format.


The paper type, the dimensions of the label and the labels grid are displayed at the bottom of the Format area.

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