Specify the settings for a dBASE database.

To access this command...

In a database file window of type dBASE, choose Edit - Database - Properties.

To be able to define relations between tables, use JDBC or ODBC from within LibreOffice.

Display inactive records

Displays all the records in a file, including those marked as deleted. If you select this check box, you cannot delete records.

In dBASE format, deleted records remain in the file.

To view any changes that you make to the database, close the connection to the database, and then reconnect the database.

Character Set

Select the code conversion that you want to use to view the database in LibreOffice. This does not affect the database. Choose "System" to use the default character set of your operating system. Text and dBASE databases are restricted to character sets with a fixed-size character length, where all characters are encoded with the same number of bytes.

Use SQL92 naming constraints

Only allows names that use characters that conform to the SQL92 naming constraints in the data source. All other characters are rejected. Each name must begin with a lower or upper case letter, or an underline ( _ ). The remaining characters can be ASCII letters, underlines, and numbers.


Opens the Indexes dialog, where you can organize the table indexes in the current dBASE database.

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