Switch Function

Evaluates a list of arguments, consisting of an expression followed by a value. The Switch function returns a value that is associated with the expression that is passed by this function.


Switch (Expression1, Value1[, Expression2, Value2[..., Expression_n, Value_n]]) As Variant


The Switch function evaluates the expressions from left to right, and then returns the value that is assigned to the function expression. If expression and value are not given as a pair, a runtime error occurs.

Expression: The expression that you want to evaluate.

Value: The value that you want to return if the expression is True.

In the following example, the Switch function assigns the appropriate gender to the name that is passed to the function:

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call


Sub ExampleSwitch
Dim sGender As String
    sGender = GetGenderIndex( "John" )
    MsgBox sGender
End Sub
Function GetGenderIndex (sName As String) As String
    GetGenderIndex = Switch(sName = "Jane", "female", sName = "John", "male")
End Function

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