Insert Controls

Opens the Toolbox bar.

Icon Choose Controls

Insert Controls


Icon Button

Adds a command button. You can use a command button to execute a command for a defined event, such as a mouse click.

If you want, you can add text or a graphic to the button.

Image Control

Icon Image Control

Adds a control that displays a graphic.

Check Box

Icon Check Box

Adds a check box that you can use to turn a function on or off.

Option Button

Icon Option Button

Adds a button that allows a user to select from a number of options. Grouped option buttons must have consecutive tab order. They are commonly encircled by a group box. If you have two groups of option buttons, you must insert a tab order between the tab orders of the two groups. For example, to the frame of the second group, or to any other control in the dialog, with the exception of another option button.

Label Field

Icon Label Field

Adds a field for displaying text labels. These labels are only for displaying predefined text, and not for entering text.

Text Box

Icon Text Box

Adds an input box where you can enter and edit text.

List Box

Icon List Box

Adds a box where you can click an entry on a list.

Combo Box

Icon Combo Box

Adds a combo box. A combo box is a one line list box that a user can click, and then choose an entry from the list. If you want, you can make the entries in the combo box "read only".

Horizontal Scrollbar

Icon Horizontal Scrollbar

Adds a horizontal scrollbar to the dialog.

Vertical Scrollbar

Icon Vertical Scrollbar

Adds a vertical scrollbar to the dialog.

Group Box

Icon Group Box

Adds a frame that you can use to visually group similar controls, such as option buttons.


To define two different groups of option buttons, ensure that the tab index of the group frame is between the tab indices of the two groups.

Progress Bar

Icon Progress Bar

Adds a progress bar to the dialog.

Horizontal Line

Icon Horizontal Line

Adds a horizontal line to the dialog.

Vertical Line

Icon Vertical Line

Adds a vertical line to the dialog.

Date Field

Icon Date Field

Adds a date field.

If you assign the "dropdown" property to the date field, a user can drop down a calendar to select a date.

Time Field

Icon Time Field

Adds a time field.

Numeric Field

Icon Numeric Field

Adds a numeric field.

Currency Field

Icon Currency Field

Adds a currency field.

Formatted Field

Icon Formatted Field

Adds a text box where you can define the formatting for text that is inputted or outputted as well as any limiting values.

Pattern Field

Icon Pattern Field

Adds a masked field. A masked field consists of an input mask and a literal mask. The input mask determines which user data can be entered. The literal mask determines the state of the masked field when the form is loaded.

File Selection

Icon File Selection

Adds a button that opens a file selection dialog.


Icon Select

Activates or deactivates the Selection mode. In this mode, you can select the controls in a dialog so that you can edit them.


Icon Properties

Opens a dialog where you can edit the properties of the selected control.

Activate Test Mode

Icon Activate Test Mode

Starts test mode. Click the dialog closer icon to end test mode.

Manage Language

Manage Language icon

Opens a dialog to enable or manage multiple sets of dialog resources for multiple languages.

Tree Control

Icon Tree Control

Adds a tree control that can show a hierarchical list. You can populate the list by your program, using API calls (XtreeControl).

Table Control

Table control icon

Adds a table control that can show a table data. You can populate the data by your program, using API calls.

Hyperlink Control

Insert hyperlink control icon

Adds a hyperlink control that can open an address in web browser.

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