FormatPercent [VBA]

Returns a string with a number formatting applied to a numeric expression. A percent sign is appended to the returned string.


This constant, function or object is enabled with the statement Option VBASupport 1 placed before the executable program code in a module.


      FormatPercent( expression, [numDigitsAfterDecimal As Integer], [includeLeadingDigit As Integer], _
          [useParensForNegativeNumbers As Integer], [groupDigits As Integer] ) As String

Valor de retorno:



expression: Required. A numeric expression to be formatted. If expression is a string, then the decimal and thousands separator need to be localized.

numDigitsAfterDecimal: Optional. A numeric value specifying the number of digits that should be displayed after the decimal. If omitted, it defaults to the value -1, meaning that the default settings for user interface locale should be used.

includeLeadingDigit: Optional. A vbTriState enumeration value, specifying whether a leading zero should be displayed for fractional values.

useParensForNegativeNumbers: Optional. A vbTriState enumeration value specifying whether negative numbers should be encased in parenthesis.

groupDigits: Optional. A vbTriState enumeration value specifying the number should be grouped (into thousands, etc.), using the group delimiter that is specified on the system's regional settings.

Códigos de erro

13 Disparidade no tipo de dados


        Sub TestFormatNumber
          Const UseComputerRegionalSettings = -1

          MsgBox FormatPercent(12.2, NumDigitsAfterDecimal:=2) ' 1220.00% if selected user interface is english

          MsgBox FormatPercent("-,2", 2, IncludeLeadingDigit:=vbTrue) ' -20,00% if french user interface

          MsgBox FormatPercent("-0.2", 2) ' -20.00% for en-US, -0,00 for fr-CA, de-AT or pt-BR

          MsgBox FormatPercent(-0.2, UseComputerRegionalSettings, UseParensForNegativeNumbers:=vbTrue) ' (20,00)% if pt-BR

          MsgBox FormatPercent("-0,2", UseComputerRegionalSettings, vbUseDefault, vbTrue) ' (20,00)% if german

          MsgBox FormatPercent("-12345678", -1, vbUseDefault, vbUseDefault, GroupDigits:=vbTrue) ' -1 234 567 800,00% for fr-BE

        End Sub

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