Mail Merge Toolbar

The Mail Merge Toolbar contains commands for the final steps of the mail merge process.

Ajaja kana bira gahuuf...

Go to menu View - Toolbars and select Mail Merge

Gargaartuu Makiinsa Ergannoo

Starts the Mail Merge Wizard to create form letters or send email messages to many recipients.

(Recipient number)

Enter the address record number of a recipient to preview the mail merge document for the recipient.

Use the browse buttons to scroll through the address records.

Exclude recipient

Excludes the current recipient from this mail merge.

Edit Individual Documents

Creates a single merged document with page breaks between each recipient. The names and the addresses of the recipients are contained in the document, which can be customized as needed.

Save merged document

Save the mail merge output to file.

Print merged document

Prints the mail merge output for all or some recipients.

Send merged document as email

Sends the mail merge output as email messages to all or some recipients.

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